This whole thing started several months ago when our family was discussing how we might be able to improve our health. Our family has several health challenges, including sensitivity to gluten, which makes planning every meal a challenge. While evaluating our current patterns and routines, we discovered that we had fallen into a rut. We had simply acted as robots…get up, get dressed, brush teeth, eat breakfast, go to scchool/work, come home, do chores, play outside, do necessary activities, get ready for bed…repeat. That simply was NOT going to work. It is not fulfilling and it definitely does not add value to our lives or anybody elses. A change had to begin.

Around the same time, Michele randomly started talking to Amber what she may be able to do to help others…and it wasn’t one of those passing conversations. It was a routine conversation that involved deep questions and convictions for her. Through the talks, she said she felt that God wanted her to use her life to make an impact on others. So we began exploring ways she could do that.

Then, God, who is always at work, began speaking to Amber and myself…not that He hadn’t spoken about us taking action before, but it had grown silent. It was time to get off of our duff and get moving with what God was, is, and is going to do in this world…to listen to His voice better and stir up the fallow ground.

The idea then came to combine several things together. Health, adventure, and raising awareness for causes in our backyard and around the world. We can improve our health by doing things that keep our bodies moving, we can have awesome adventures to make memories with, and assist ministries in their mission by pointing people to their organizations for prayer and for financial support.

So here we are…ready to begin…the race begins now. What we need now is your following and support by participating in our adventures.