For the adults in the house, last week was extremely quiet.  Only one kid at a time!  It was a nice change, but we really missed the both of them being around.

The week was finished.  Exhaustion set in.  Even though they didn’t want it to be, camp was over for 2013.  What adventures did they go on?  What activities happened?

Mike returned with a bounce after his one night stay and let us know right away that he wanted a slip and slide.  Why?  Because of the gigantic one he had used at camp going down a hill.

Michele, being 22 months older went to camp for 3 nights.  She came home super tired.  With a little rest, we were able to find out the highlights for her trip.  Among them horseback riding, swimming, and worship…the last one being the best part, with her loving to sing.

All in all, camp was a success…and how do we know this?  The camp theme song has been worn out on both of their CD players.  At the same time, the song dances on their lips as they move around the house.  I’ve only heard the song once live, and I believe I have it memorized.

Great job, Elementary team!