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We pray you’ve had a chance to check out Across Mongolia and The Pearl House and take time to contribute to the orphans of Mongolia and Ghana.  If you haven’t, please consider it.

Michael loves holidays…If you know him well enough, you are familiar with his loving, energetic, and entertaining personality…especially when something is exciting.  Very rarely is there a dull moment around our house.  EVERYTHING is an adventure.  “Dad!  I found a big stick!  How old do you think it is?  Do you think a dinosaur chomped it into pieces?”  We know he’s excited about things when he endlessly chatters and creates scenerios.

The last few days have been no different.  Obviously, he has been preparing himself for how he would hunt Easter eggs…how many, what color, and what will be inside…and of course, retelling of the Resurrection as only a seven year old can.

But there is another holiday that it seems he enjoys as much as Christmas and Easter…April Fool’s Day.

He’s a jokester at heart and wants nothing more than to see everybody in the room with a smile on their face…and he’ll keep trying until it happens.  We heard plots of fooling the dog, his sister, and even a plan to trick the teacher.  We’ll see how today’s adventure turns out.


Across Mongolia

1500 Miles on Foot

1500 Miles on Foot

So Michele and I have started preparing for the Color Run.  It’s one month away and the excitement is building, especially since we can cross train riding our bikes (see earlier post).  This past Saturday was our first longer run and it was a challenge for Michele, but she prevailed.  Part of our discussion along the way was that exercise isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it.  I also reminded her that we were preparing for the race so we could raise awareness and help some kids around the world who struggle every day just to survive.

That brings me to today’s action point.  This is where you come in.

One mission that we would like to see people contribute and pray for is AME…Across Mongolia Expedition.

Let me get straight to the point…The pullout of communism created an economic crisis for many of the families who live in the country of Mongolia.  It created a culture of poverty, causing parents to give up their children because they could not support them.  The result is that thousands of kids are left to fend for themselves, living in the sewers and sleeping on cardboard boxes, and huddling together around heating pipes to keep from freezing to death.

In short, the mission is simple…to raise awareness to the situation and take action to do something about it…to distribute necessities to the thousands of children in Mongolia and bring them a message of hope and love.

Brian Hunter, the director of the Across Mongolia Expedition, is using his adventure race and ultra marathon experience to help the children of Mongolia.  He is running across the entire country of Mongolia…1500 miles in this effort.

HOW CAN I HELP!  Glad you asked…

Sponsor a Mile…helps provide necessities like coats, shoes, vitamins, and sustain the team while they are there.

Purchase a permanent home…Purchase a tent home that sleeps 6 children that will go in a village outside of the city.  The kids will receive education, food, and a warm bed to sleep in.

Partner with Brian…Partner with the parent non-profit of Across Mongolia Expedition, Strong to the Finish ,and help spread the message of hope and love to Mongolia and the rest of the world.

To follow Brian Hunter and the team on their journey across the country of Mongolia this summer, or to contribute to this organization and help thousands of children, please visit