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The story of the first

It was the 4th of June. A normal day at Cookson for most lpeople. But that day was different for us. We welcomed the first placed child into our home. We look forward to giving highlights from her stay with us in blogs to come…as well as the others that follow.

Each child comes here with a story. Most with some sort of family trauma and circumstances beyond their control. Others may come because they have issues with regulating emotions. We don’t share details of their struggles publicly because that is not the focus. We want to focus on getting them the help they need, through the hope only Christ can bring, so that they can experience healing.

So with that, with tons of excitement, please welcome 9 year old Kilee. She is a spoonful of smiling energy. Her laugh is contagious and her ability to work puzzles is fantastic! We have learned that pink and purple are a few of her favorite colors and she likes Monster High.

Please pray for Kilee as she begins her journey here. While you are praying, we have two more who will be joining our family in the next several weeks. We are excited to add kids to the clan and are looking forward to seeing God work in their hearts. Until the next story, be blessed!


Day 25

I haven’t really been paying close attention to time and realized today that we have passed a major milestone in our adventure.  The habit timeframe of 21 days.  To be exact, we have now been here 25 days.  Training is still underway with just over a week to go.  Our bio kids know the routine for school.  Amber and I almost know when the mail runs.  Mealtime is a hoot at the dining hall (I’ll post about that another day).  I attempted to weed eat on a hillside yesterday.  My legs are telling me about it today.  Relationships are being built and our first relief assignment is scheduled.  The schedule is always flexible, but we are on another milestone countdown…the day we first receive kids into our home.  T-minus 16 days and counting. 😉

It’s been a while since the last post.  Not because of the lack of story, but because of the lack of internet.  You see, we are now located around Kansas, OK, in the foothills of the Ozarks…better known as Cookson Hills.  We are here on a mission as a family.  To help kids and families in crisis.  Amber and I accepted jobs at a children’s home as houseparents where we will create an environment that is safe and strive to provide help, hope and healing to families in crisis.  We have been training and getting our on-site home ready for children for about 3 weeks now.  We expect to start receiving kids in the next few weeks, so we are really excited to get to work.  In the meantime, we are connecting with the families in our community and building relationships with kids that have been here a while.  I’ll post more now that the internet is working, so stay tuned for new adventures!


Being a person of ADD, I decided to take a detour and write about a topic that has achieved historic merit in the past few days. I promise my objective is not to directly or indirectly hack anybody off, but with the sensitivity of this issue, I’m virtually guaranteed to piss somebody off. As a matter of fact, saying piss probably already did.

Just as another quick side note, my thoughts on this issue are fluid and will continue to develop as time passes. I will do my best to make it clear where I stand at the moment and hope you will appropriately chime in on the conversation.

As we all know, the supreme court made decisions regarding the Defense of Marriage Act as well as Proposition 8 and we are familiar with the results. With my faith in Christ, I believe that marriage is between one man and one woman. That being said, I pray you don’t quit reading. “Just another Jesus dude with his Bible thumping religious talk…” That’s not me. Yes, I’m a Jesus dude and I love the Bible, but it is not my place to judge, apply prejudice, or throw morality onto others.

Being a Jesus dude, you probably guessed right away that I do not agree with LGBT on the lifestyle choices. At the same time, however, I know that we were made with a free-thinking mind with the ability to choose our own path whether it is deemed as destructive or not. That being noted, politically I somewhat disagree with the government trying to inflict a moral and personal decision onto people. At the same time I am more concerned that we the people allowed 9 people make the decision of the majority. I’m not certain what kind of a government that is, but it sure doesn’t make us a democratic or a republic. What will be next? Telling me I can’t drink my favorite egg nog during the Christmas season because of it’s calorie and sugar content?


Aside from politics, I look at the religious side of things. I fully understand that our country was founded with Godly principles in mind and I understand how some folks get all riled up when their morals are violated. What I don’t get is why we are so concerned about others issues that we don’t see the plank in our own eye? Anybody told a white lie recently? Drank until they were drunk? Gossiped to their neighbor? Ate a few too many cheeseburgers? The list can go on. If believers would petition God and clean up their own closets, pray, and show the world through their actions that Christ is the way, the truth, and the life, there would be a great awakening in our land.

One final note and I’ll be done for this post…to the LBGT community. I have both friends and family members who have chosen the LGBT lifestyle. I truly care about and love each and every one of you. You are loved by God. He wants what is best for you. I urge you seek Christ and submit to His authority. Follow Jesus and turn from the lifestyle that is not His best for you.

I keep coming back to this. A vibrant city, booming with life and liberty…and it strikes. Winds swirling in every direction, sending cars through buildings and turning fence posts into brick-piercing javelins. A city demolished by hell itself with nowhere to run except a bathtub, a safe room, or a basement. I’ve not had the chance to contribute time into helping my fellow Oklahomans down the turnpike, but I’ve watched with pride some old friends take care of their own.

I’d like to introduce you to Everyday Church. Their vision in a simple statement is to reach the city to reach the world, one day at a time. The church has done that in a huge way over the past month. They have volunteered their time to help those that have lost so much. The cool thing? If I have my info correct, they hadn’t had their official first service yet.

John Hickman, the lead pastor has had a vision to reach the OKC metro area for a long while now. He and newly acquired worship leader Jeff Osborn were in the planning and preparation stage, scheduling a launch in the next year. When the twister ripped through the metro, they knew what they had to do. It wasn’t to sit around and talk about the disaster. It was to be the body of Christ in the disaster providing relief.

Not only did they contribute their time and effort to assist in the cleanup and support of the city, they also led their 1st service…in the Wal-Mart parking lot. They put to action what the mission statement states.

They’ve done a lot of work thus far, and as you know a lot of work is yet to be done. This church is in the middle of it. If you are looking for a place to send your funds to do more for Moore, consider contributing to this crew.

The Blob

For the adults in the house, last week was extremely quiet.  Only one kid at a time!  It was a nice change, but we really missed the both of them being around.

The week was finished.  Exhaustion set in.  Even though they didn’t want it to be, camp was over for 2013.  What adventures did they go on?  What activities happened?

Mike returned with a bounce after his one night stay and let us know right away that he wanted a slip and slide.  Why?  Because of the gigantic one he had used at camp going down a hill.

Michele, being 22 months older went to camp for 3 nights.  She came home super tired.  With a little rest, we were able to find out the highlights for her trip.  Among them horseback riding, swimming, and worship…the last one being the best part, with her loving to sing.

All in all, camp was a success…and how do we know this?  The camp theme song has been worn out on both of their CD players.  At the same time, the song dances on their lips as they move around the house.  I’ve only heard the song once live, and I believe I have it memorized.

Great job, Elementary team!

Spontanious Itch

The summer has been packed with activities since the school year closed and the freedom season began.  We took a trip to Miami to see my bother graduate college which included up-close encounters with wild beasts, paddle boarding, and a few first time flyers.  Outside of major adventures, the kids spend most every day outdoors enjoying the company of the many neighborhood kids.  Quite often, our front lawn is filled with a baseball team full of imaginative and creative fun-sized individuals who always welcome the random spray of the hose.  As far as I know, our area of the city is fairly safe from a lot of hazards and we keep a close eye on all the kids.  As a matter of fact, Amber has taken the role of neighborhood nurse.  At last count, we ran out of bandages so we’ll be restocking soon.

Last week, turned out to be the most adventurous non-planned week of the summer.  Mike came home with a few pockets of red bumps on his arms and legs.  We treated them with some itch cream and monitored it.  To our surprise the next day…the spots had spread…Time to go to the doctor.  We went through the typical waiting room routine, watching the clock tick past the predetermined time to be seen.  Within a few minutes, we had the verdict….poison ivy.

After some questioning, we found that Mike’s buddy down the road had a rash as well.  Somewhere in the confines of our neighborhood clan there was a patch of poisonous green that needed dealt with.  Unfortunately, we haven’t found out where it is yet.

A few pills and some essential oils later, the kid is back to normal.  Thankfully, he was cleared to go to church camp by the doctor.  Which leads us to the next adventure I’ll write about….tomorrow.

Adventures in Coloring


This whole thing started several months ago when our family was discussing how we might be able to improve our health. Our family has several health challenges, including sensitivity to gluten, which makes planning every meal a challenge. While evaluating our current patterns and routines, we discovered that we had fallen into a rut. We had simply acted as robots…get up, get dressed, brush teeth, eat breakfast, go to scchool/work, come home, do chores, play outside, do necessary activities, get ready for bed…repeat. That simply was NOT going to work. It is not fulfilling and it definitely does not add value to our lives or anybody elses. A change had to begin.

Around the same time, Michele randomly started talking to Amber what she may be able to do to help others…and it wasn’t one of those passing conversations. It was a routine conversation that involved deep questions and convictions for her. Through the talks, she said she felt that God wanted her to use her life to make an impact on others. So we began exploring ways she could do that.

Then, God, who is always at work, began speaking to Amber and myself…not that He hadn’t spoken about us taking action before, but it had grown silent. It was time to get off of our duff and get moving with what God was, is, and is going to do in this world…to listen to His voice better and stir up the fallow ground.

The idea then came to combine several things together. Health, adventure, and raising awareness for causes in our backyard and around the world. We can improve our health by doing things that keep our bodies moving, we can have awesome adventures to make memories with, and assist ministries in their mission by pointing people to their organizations for prayer and for financial support.

So here we are…ready to begin…the race begins now. What we need now is your following and support by participating in our adventures.


Come on in! We’re glad you’re here. Are you ready for an adventure? Saddle-up your horses, put on your running shoes, and strap on your parachute because you’ve got your ticket to ride on the this blog for the long haul! Today we set aside our daily boring routine and move forward in this race called life. We strive to make a difference daily and live life with no regrets. We choose to live dangerously in this life that God has given us and, through Christ’s help, make waves in our local community and the world.

Will you join us?


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