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So Amber loves to cook and bake. She has been blessed with the outstanding ability to combine ingredients, sometimes without measuring tools, and create masterpieces worth eating over and over again. I, on the other hand, am not so great at making food. Don’t get me wrong. I could follow instructions and make something. The trouble is, I don’t have the skill set at this time to modify and correct on the fly to make a food item that is good become great. But never fear! Where there is a cook/baker, there is a taste tester. That’s where I do extremely well.

Which brings me to my first ADD moment of this post.

There is another famous baker that we are all familiar with. Little Debbie. She makes little cakes of magical goodness that melt in your mouth. They come all packaged in different shapes and sizes depending on the season. And on top of that, she loves to donate her goodies to Cookson Hills…a lot of them. She is such a tremendous blessing!…but I have a problem. I love taste testing! When it’s a different shape, I try it. When it’s a different color, I try it. And you know what drives me crazy? (Prepare for ADD moment number 2)…The packaging. Little Debbie, to be a great baker, has to try out all of her food. If that is true, then how does she keep that figure? You know, the one on all the boxes of treats? C’mon now. I thought maybe she would have the great appearance of Aunt Jemima, like she enjoys testing her goodies. I guess that means Little Debbie must have a husband who tests everything.

Anyway, prepare for ADD moment number 3.

I say all this to say thank you to the donors who give us Little Debbie snacks. (I sincerely mean that, by the way) As of this week, I finally got back into a cycle of workouts, starting with hiking up a few hillsides to crawl through caves. One of the tunnels should be renamed Ozzie Squeeze because well, because of my consumption of Little Debbie snacks, I barely fit through it. I’ll be looking forward to going back to that cave and to make it through that passage much easier when I’ve dropped some weight.

Prayer for the day…help Brian to consume food in moderation and to stay motivated to exercise. But on a more serious note…Most of all, pray for the kids that are very soon to a part of our family. That they will meet the Savior of the Universe and receive the healing they need directly from Him…if a Little Debbie is what it takes, so be it.


I have a desk job. I work in finance. I’ve spent a long time to some degree in telecom. The pathway on how I arrived here is a long story…How in the world can a known creative individual end up crunching numbers and reading legal documents and survive? That’s a post for another time and another place.

Places. I like places. I enjoy going back to places I’ve been hundreds of times before. Hockey games. Silver Dollar City and the Branson area. My backyard with our dogs Oreo and Rockstar. Sitting in my green rocker/recliner.

I also like new adventures. Exploring new avenues. Turning an ordinary Knex toy wheel into an exciting game. Asking questions that may have never been asked. Taking ideas that have been around for a long time and spinning new fresh ways to teach or train them. Eating at a new restaurant. Traveling. Writing a blog. Riding in a fighter jet. Skydiving. (Okay, the last two I have not done but would LOVE to do it.)

Adventure. That is what I would call our family’s continuous pursuit of what we feel God has called us to do. To use our strengths to advance people in their journey.

Journey…not to the center of the earth, but to the heart of America. It’s youth. We have made a decision to actively look for a position serving children. We have spent countless hours researching, filling out applications, interviewing via Skype and phone, and even traveling to different places to visit. And that journey and adventure continues.

In the past month, we put out somewhere between 6-8 applications. 3 of them we have interviewed with from a distance and they have invited us to come check out their facilities. We came back from one a little over a week ago and have the other two scheduled over the next 2 weeks or so. The pursuit of serving children seems to have light at the end of the tunnel.

This is why I am fidgety. This is why sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day is driving me crazy. I can taste the mere possibility that we may be close to more adventures with our kids…and most importantly, we can pour into the future of our nation and help them know God and live life to it’s fullest potential.

We don’t know yet where the journey will take us. What we do know is that we need your support more than ever. Pray that we will find the right place at the right time where our God given talent can be used to it’s max. Pray for favor in our spiritual, physical, and financial health. Pray for the kids put in our care that we will have the great opportunity to grow and encourage.

And finally, pray that I can survive the office. Somehow I tend to find my way to the boss’ office when I can’t sit still. Not because I’m not doing my job, but because I bob my head to the music in my headphones while I work…or I doodle in meetings. But that is a story for another time.

Adventures in ADD

I am the world’s worst and the world’s greatest at paying attention. I can totally be in the conversation or be thinking about how many goals the Red Wings are going to score in tonight’s game. I’ve never really had that be a problem, because when it comes to helping people or looking for a solution to a situation, I’ve always got your back and will stick by you until the issue has an answer to work from.

At the same time, I’m good at posting…or not so good. Recently, I’ve not been so good. So I’ll try to recap a few highlights of the Ozzie happenings.

Photography has picked up a little, helping a few families capture their memories. The extra income is a blessing, especially this time of year. Thanksgiving was a hoot. Sometimes I wonder where Mike (our son) puts all of that food. Naturally, he also provided his normal comic relief which keeps us on our toes. A few part-time jobs have been added to lighten the load of bills piling up. Amber has been blowing up the kitchen with incredible tastiness. I’m more than happy to do the dishes because that means she can have them back to put more delicious food in them. Michele (our daughter) just performed in her Christmas recital and did an outstanding job with “Mary Did You Know?”. Her pipes are coming along nicely. Okay, that about does that….

How about the future? Well, we may or may not get wintry weather this weekend…we’re used to not really knowing until it happens. So that will be and adventure. If you’re following our adventure into becoming houseparents, well…we are saving up for an interview trip to SC that we have been invited to. Dontations are gladly accepted, by the way. We also just prepared 4 more envelopes with applications to places OK, TX, AR, and TN which will bring our total sent out to about 25 apps in 17 states (I think). Please keep us in your prayers as we continue this adventure. We really want to use the skills God has given us to help kids on their journey and to come to know Christ.

With that, I’m out of juice. Just a word of advise for the next week or so…..

Stay away from Santas who smell like beef and cheese, don’t shoot your eye out, watch the Polar Express as many times as you can, and sing loud for all to hear…


Cause I eats me Spinach

Recognize the end quote? It belongs to a sailor from back in the day when cartoons were actually good. The message was simple and the goal was singular. “Strong to the finish, ’cause I eats me spinach” – Popeye the sailor man. What a great cartoon and a great and easy message. But there is one thing that I need to point out…Popeye wasn’t able to perform feats of strength without his spinach. Which leads me to today’s adventure.

After a tough and unfortunate incident in the past few weeks, I got to thinking about sailors. Work with me here. My mind wanders a bit, but it always comes back around to make sense. There is a famous quote out there that says “Rough seas and storms make great sailors.” Yes, I’ve encountered some tough times. Our family is going through a season right now. I have family going through the cycle of life with sickness and ailment. Their health hasn’t been in the best shape and it has taken a toll on the family in general. My job has it’s uncertainties, including still possibly covering for a strike situation in California and also the transition of the finance department which will determine if I have a job and where it will be located. Additionally, even with major steps towards becoming debt free and being smart with our finances, we are encountering the pains of financial stress because of the ignorance of the past. It’s been a roller coaster of a road. Even with these stress points hovering, Amber and I have a mission to use the skills and abilities that God has given us to serve children in a huge way…which is a continuous process until an opening comes available that is the right fit.

But back to the sailor thing. Sailors always have a captain of the ship. Thinking about leadership, I thought about the role of a captain when the seas are looking a bit rough. The captain gives direct orders and mans the wheel to guide the direction of the vessel. Being ADD I wondered what makes the captain a great captain while he is navigating through a tough monsoon with the responsibility to keep the crew alive and well? In my mind, the captain stays at the helm and leads. He trusts the crew that has been trained around him to skillfully handle their job. He delegates to seasoned members of the crew to get the job done. The watchman scours the horizon to ensure the ship is not headed for rocks or other ships. The hands on deck raise, lower, and reposition the sail so that winds are favorable for forward motion. The oarsman below (this is a pirate ship 🙂 ) stroke together in unison with strength and courage. The whole ship moves swiftly across the water with precision and honor.

On the flip side, what would it look like if the captain ventured the opposite direction. What if the captain felt the need to perform all of the positions? The watchman isn’t seeing enough, so the captain decides to climb up and take a look for himself. The wind is not as favorable, so the captain decides to hoist the main sail on his own. The oarsmen are struggling against the waves, so the captain rolls up his sleeves and begins to row away. All of these things the captain does are admirable…but something is happening to the direction of the ship. Who is at the helm? Suddenly, the crew looks up to discover that the ship has been going in circles for hours. Why? Because the leader isn’t present in his designed role.

For the leaders that are out there. Think through this. Are you taking the lead and managing in such a way that the vision and direction of your organization is full-speed ahead with all cylinders firing? Are the seasoned professionals around you fired up about the vision? Or are there signs in the ship that the organization is going in circles? Are the professionals around you wondering when the next tidal wave rolls over the ship? If you take nothing else away from this script…STEADY THE SHIP! Learn to delegate to those you trust. Work as a team to accomplish the goal. Don’t do it yourself!…and most of all, God is the Admiral. Ultimately, He calls the shots. Let Him.

I’m in stormy seas right now. I will come out of it strong because I trust the Admiral. As a husband and father, I will take the lead and steady the ship. For those out there reading, you’re either in a storm, just came out of one, or about to go into one. Make preparations now to ensure the ship is steady through any situation. Lead the way…full-speed ahead!

Bavarian Finger Wrestling

So I spent the last few days with a summer cold. Definitely not a normal development, but the summer season has been far from normal. Normally the high around this time of year is in the 100s. Instead, we’ve had rain and 80s…that is just total craziness! Never in my wildest dreams would I think in August that I need to mow the yard…again. It’s usually brown and crunchy right now.

Anyway, I get bored pretty easy when I’m made to rest, so I ventured out online to see what was going on in the world that I may not have seen before. This adventure was very prosperous. I found Bavarian finger wrestling.

You heard that right…a bunch of dudes in lederhosen pulling each other over a table by a small strip of leather. Being a bit ADD, I wondered…did my ancestors participate in this event? I mean, Oswald is either a German or Scottish name. I could be the great, great, great, great grandson of a finger wrestling champion!

I watched a few videos for my amusement. They really get into it. What I didn’t see was if they introduce themselves…you know, like WWE.

“Weighing in at 180 lbs, with an undefeated record of 21-0…here is the reigning…world…champion…Finger Elf!” (use your German and know a band’s name and you’ll get that joke)

Anyway, it was a fun way to pass the time. Maybe it’s time to invest in checking out my relatives of old and find out once and for all who the Oswalds’ were.


Random ADD

So things have been hopping here recently, and I looked up to realize…there hasn’t been a blog in nearly a month! So here we are back in the saddle.

I started to think, “What will I write today?” My brain said 463 different things, but not one of them connected correctly to the other. The mind of ADD at work.

If I were to attempt to describe what it is like, imagine a television communications control room full of flat screens. Each one of them on a different channel. All of them have the sound on and it is your responsibility to listen to one of them and retain the information. Sometimes it’s really crowded and loud. Other times, I can hyper focus on the one flat screen and gather everything and nothing else. Never a dull moment in my world. I can turn the radio off and entertain myself for ours because my brain…it doesn’t shut up.

And while I’m ranting, try adding being left-handed in a world dominated by righties. Don’t get me started…right-handed desks, finding a hockey stick, baseball glove, or golf clubs, spiral notebooks, and eating next to a righty…the list goes on.

But you know what? Even with these things that make life interesting, God still has my back…and He has yours to. No matter what life throws at you.