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So updating more often would be a better idea because so much happens around here. We’ll do our best to give a few highlights of the past month.

When we last wrote, we had gained our first family member, Kilee. Since then we have grown considerably…3 additions to be exact, doubling our family of 4 to a family of 8. Please join me in welcoming T’Era, Landan, and Caitlyn to the family! T’Era and Caitlyn are the teenagers of the house with Landan in elementary. Just to paint the picture, that is two teens and four 10 and under (with room for more youngers). Never a dull moment.

Summers are different here since we operate as a year- round school. School ended at the beginning of June with graduation of our Seniors and ended the middle of last week. We have enjoyed horsemanship classes, crafting, swimming, caving, trips to the river, softball, volleyball, a large waterfall at a local state park, and a trip into Tulsa. We are sad that summer is over but excited for the school year being under way…that means some short and needed breaks for us parents!

One final thought of great importance. Nearly a decade ago we added a member to our family. He completed our bio-family and has brought years of smiles and a book full of insightful commentary. We have enjoyed attempts at baseball and soccer, and enjoyed monster truck events. He’s a compassionate giver, and a selfless friend to those around him. As a dad he makes me proud and I love him very much! If you don’t already know who I’m talking about, please help me say happy birthday to the grandest son in all the land…Michael.

With that I will bid you farewell, until the next adventure.


Well, we finally made it. Kids in my house that are not my own. 7 to be exact. Plus our own 2. A baseball team. All but my son…girls. I just removed dark blue, pink, and red finger nail polish from my fingers. The glitter is still there. Not a single major mishap. It has been a good first assignment for taking care of somebody else’s kids for 4 days. They will go back home tonight and we will get a new set on Wednesday and do it all over again. Here is a quick overview.

One of the girls had PT to attend. I drove her there with Mike in tow. I’ve heard that girls talk an average of 45000 words a day. I’m pretty sure she hits 60000 a day.

So far, Frozen, Inception, Thor 2 and a few other short films by Pixar have aired on the DVD player. While we are on entertainment, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, both movie and book, are a hit. Whowouldathunk?

Still a lot to learn to make sure all of these great kids get the help they need to be successful in life. Now we have some OTJ experience to adjust our house expectations so that the next group is even more smooth.

Random ADD

So things have been hopping here recently, and I looked up to realize…there hasn’t been a blog in nearly a month! So here we are back in the saddle.

I started to think, “What will I write today?” My brain said 463 different things, but not one of them connected correctly to the other. The mind of ADD at work.

If I were to attempt to describe what it is like, imagine a television communications control room full of flat screens. Each one of them on a different channel. All of them have the sound on and it is your responsibility to listen to one of them and retain the information. Sometimes it’s really crowded and loud. Other times, I can hyper focus on the one flat screen and gather everything and nothing else. Never a dull moment in my world. I can turn the radio off and entertain myself for ours because my brain…it doesn’t shut up.

And while I’m ranting, try adding being left-handed in a world dominated by righties. Don’t get me started…right-handed desks, finding a hockey stick, baseball glove, or golf clubs, spiral notebooks, and eating next to a righty…the list goes on.

But you know what? Even with these things that make life interesting, God still has my back…and He has yours to. No matter what life throws at you.