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I didn’t look at the date. I just saw the number. 109 days since the last post. When was that? Oh, I remember…just before the holidays. The busiest time of year for a children’s home. The donation center lights up with end of year activity. Generous people from all over help make certain our kids have gifts for Christmas. And then there are the unexpected surprises of the changing weather…water leaks that must be attended to…at least this time it was not in the middle of the night.

We saw 2014 come to a close seeing a lot of emotions run through our house both good and not so good. But this is the reason we are here…to help kids sort through their trauma and learn new skills to rise above and be awesome adults in this world. We show them Christ. We show them love…how to handle stress…how not to eat with their mouth open…how to speak positive rather than negative. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

January came and the world settled a bit. The colder weather showed itself in frigid fashion and school resumed for the new year. Basketball started its second half, and the old men who scrimmaged the team are victorious. Of course they are all nursing their muscle aches…aches…a reminder of a low point for our house…saying goodbye early to a house daughter. The family wanted her home. She had made progress and still had a ways to go. We wished her well then and pray favor and wisdom to her as she continues life’s adventure today. She is missed and will forever be a part of the Oswalds. She was the first of many goodbyes that are to come.

Which brings us to February. We have a few adventures planned and hope that doing so will create great memories and provide opportunities for growth.

Please pray for health in our home, for an increase in “ah-ha” moments as the kids learn to appropriately navigate life, and most importantly, a hunger and desire for each family member to know Christ more.


Its a bit early, but the holiday season has come back to Cookson. There is a turkey dinner next week provided by one of our great church partners in the area. Churches and groups far and wide have offered goodies that will brighten hearts during the Christmas holiday to kids that may have never experienced it in a good way. Life is busy and very fun during the next few months.

Today, I was checking the water wells and making sure the refrigerators and freezers were operational while the dining hall and food store were closed. The food store is where we shop from week to week and pickup meal and snack items for breakfast and weekend food. Our donors do a great job of ensuring we are taken care of. I’m not sure how we get them, but we get a lot of Little Debbie snacks…and this time of year it becomes quite a temptation. That lady can bake a treat! And she brought Christmas tree cakes…and cherry creme filled morsels of magical goodness! And to top that off, she brought Santa sleigh brownies! How could she be so mean? And to line them up all nice and neat right where I would have to pass by to check the freezer? She is very smart, that lady.

Well, my goal is to lose the Cookson 5 and 10 that has found its way to my belly…so I victoriously passed it by…but this is not the end of the story!

My wife asked me to bring back some eggs for the house. Upon entering the freezer…they were there! The devil of deliciousness, the gladiator of goodies had increased her ammunition against fellow human kind! She had brought in another set of villains into her flock of sugary slavery! None other than the Krispy Creme minions themselves! All 600 of them right there in the walk-in freezer!

Thankfully, I was able to muster up the strength to grab the eggs and get out of there alive!

So yet another episode ends on a good note. I pray now that she does not bring in the Kryptonite of Cookson…at least for me…Braum’s egg nog.

Adventures in ADD

I am the world’s worst and the world’s greatest at paying attention. I can totally be in the conversation or be thinking about how many goals the Red Wings are going to score in tonight’s game. I’ve never really had that be a problem, because when it comes to helping people or looking for a solution to a situation, I’ve always got your back and will stick by you until the issue has an answer to work from.

At the same time, I’m good at posting…or not so good. Recently, I’ve not been so good. So I’ll try to recap a few highlights of the Ozzie happenings.

Photography has picked up a little, helping a few families capture their memories. The extra income is a blessing, especially this time of year. Thanksgiving was a hoot. Sometimes I wonder where Mike (our son) puts all of that food. Naturally, he also provided his normal comic relief which keeps us on our toes. A few part-time jobs have been added to lighten the load of bills piling up. Amber has been blowing up the kitchen with incredible tastiness. I’m more than happy to do the dishes because that means she can have them back to put more delicious food in them. Michele (our daughter) just performed in her Christmas recital and did an outstanding job with “Mary Did You Know?”. Her pipes are coming along nicely. Okay, that about does that….

How about the future? Well, we may or may not get wintry weather this weekend…we’re used to not really knowing until it happens. So that will be and adventure. If you’re following our adventure into becoming houseparents, well…we are saving up for an interview trip to SC that we have been invited to. Dontations are gladly accepted, by the way. We also just prepared 4 more envelopes with applications to places OK, TX, AR, and TN which will bring our total sent out to about 25 apps in 17 states (I think). Please keep us in your prayers as we continue this adventure. We really want to use the skills God has given us to help kids on their journey and to come to know Christ.

With that, I’m out of juice. Just a word of advise for the next week or so…..

Stay away from Santas who smell like beef and cheese, don’t shoot your eye out, watch the Polar Express as many times as you can, and sing loud for all to hear…