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Dull moments are rare in the Oswald house. We take time to laugh a lot and take adventures with dolls, army men, and other various toys often. This adventure was no exception. Let me set the stage a bit. 1. Star Wars and all of it’s movies have played, yet Mike has not seen one of them. 2. Also, the VMAs just happened, and Miley did her thing. None of us saw it, but the news gave us enough information. 3. Mike and Chele watch YouTube videos under our supervision when they get an allotment of time for the computer. 4. Our family has had discussions on what we need to fill our minds with and to guard our eyes and heart from things that God would not approve (YouYube, music, etc). Okay, here we go.

Michael recently had a birthday and has been trying to decide what he wanted to do with some cash that was gifted to him. We have been teaching the principle of tithing, spending, and saving a little at a time and he decided some time ago that he wanted to save for a larger Lego set. 2 actually…and they were both Star Wars.

When he discovered he had the right amount of cash, we ventured to the store to collect the items he had been saving for. The girls had gone out to do the grocery shopping, so Mike and I were left to building the new sets. Okay, mostly me while Mike made R2-D2 noises and gave C3-PO a gun…Who would have thought C3-PO would hold Storm Troopers hostage? By the way, he hasn’t seen the movie yet…Only played the Wii game.

As I put together the chosen aircraft, I watched as Mike wandered over to the second Lego box that contained Anakin Skywalker, on the volcano planet just before his expected turn to the dark side. Enter Michael…I’ll simplify a his logic and our conversation a bit, but you’ll get the point.

Mike: Is Anakin Skywalker a good guy or a bad guy? He has the same last name as Luke! If Anakin Skywalker is Darth Vader, why doesn’t he have his mask?…etc, etc, etc…(all great observation questions)
Me: Well, Mike. Anakin Skywalker was a good guy and made a personal choice to watch YouTube videos that were not good for him to watch. That caused his heart to harden and he gave in to the dark side.

We left it at that. An easy principle for an 8 year old to understand. That was Monday.

Tuesday, Mike is role playing with his Star Wars Legos and I hear him exclaim “Luke’s father decided to watch bad YouTube videos…and now he’s Darth Vader…”

It stuck! It’s a proud day when your child gets it. It’s a bonus that I got to do it using Star Wars, Legos, and YouTube. The methodology and delivery may be a bit different, but the principle is solid. I love it when God allows me to use creativity to advance my kids!

What creative ways have you been able to teach a life principle?



Cage Fighter

Curiosity kills cats but it keeps me out of trouble most of the time.  I take time to investigate things and figure out how they function…then explore ways that I may be able to make that particular item function better or in a different way than what is normal.  In today’s adventure, it was web design and curiosity that led me on a journey…

On the side, I entertain creativity with design and photography.  The portfolio site containing some of my works, godspeedgraphics.com, gets a fresh coat of paint every 18 months or so and I’ve been revamping it recently.  Working on the cheap, I want the site to show up in search engines, so I explored Google and Bing.

Adventures of mine always lead to rabbit trails, so I input my name…Brian Oswald…into the search engine.  Well it turns out that there is a dude out there sharing the name that is a sports writer…and he isn’t just any sports writer.  He’s a martial arts guy, covering the extreme fighting arena of UFC, Strikeforce, etc.  Pretty cool.

Then my imagination took over for a moment.  What if I were a MMA fighter?  I wonder how long I’d last against Anderson Silva?  Maybe if I run around the ring like a circus chimpanzee and climb the fence, I could survive a single round.  Other than that, I’m certain a long nap would be in my future…if not a quick tap out after an arm bar after 15 seconds of ring time.

I’ll never be a cagvadere fighter…so I’ll just stick to being a jungle gym for my kids and take on the villain role of T-Rex, Megatron, or Darth Vader.  At least then I can get a laughing tap out.