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Strong to the Finish

The title today is a borrowed phrase from a great ministry partner, Brian Hunter, who has done an excellent job of listening to God’s call and acting upon it. As a result, many have been introduced to the Savior of the Universe. Brian is one of my heroes and I am thankful for the time in ministry working together.

Saying that, I am brought to our blog for today. Followers may have noticed a significant drop off in posts. This isn’t because of the lack of things to write about, its the mass amounts of topics and happenings, leaving time in the dust.

We are solidly a family of 9 now…5 girls and 2 boys plus us. Our house shape is a little different from the others on campus, limiting numbers and male/female. We have room for one more boy as long as we remain in this house.

The exciting news is that our building project has boomed the past few months. 3 new homes are nearly complete, while 6 others have gone from foundation to in the dry with the help of hundreds of volunteers. Thank you for your support!

All of these things are great, but the real exciting news is the progress in the house. I wish I could detail out everything, but we are trusted to protect and help so thats what we will do. Know that at times progress means that the honeymoon period of “this is a cool place, my mom said to be nice” has come to a close…progress means we begin to see some of the trauma layers peel.

What does that sound/look like? Tears, anger, frustration, sadness followed by happy moments of relief…then…repeat. They complain that they hate this place, that things aren’t fair, and that they just want to go home. Some come pre-equipped with fight or flight actions, a disrespect for authority, and do not understand that being accountable for actions and accepting proper consequences is a good thing.

All raw emotions. All brought on by different kinds of past and present trauma. All have been bravely brought here with hope for healing and restoration.

For a large part, the kids are here for up to two years or more…because it takes that long to see significant progress. Unfortunately, we see some families pull the child a bit early for various reasons.

So here is the final thought or two…

Parents/Guardians. Stay strong to the finish. Don’t give up early. Help your child heal…and time in a helping environment is what is needed.

Prayer Warriors. Pray for the parents/guardians during the period if separation. Pray for God to do the work in the kids and families that only He can do. Pray for us as we help these kids advance in their journey.


Hockey in T-Town

Times have been tough around our household. We’ve had a few medical challenges that we’ve faced, along with the continuous struggle to makes sure finances are handled. Through it all, God has provided for the need and always gives us the energy to fight on through adversity. He’s always got our back and we are very thankful that He is more than enough.

Speaking of fights, our family (especially me) are hockey fans…(What a segway right?)…For me, it’s about being tough, showing heart, and battling through adversity to accomplish the goal…to win. For others, they just want the gloves to come off (my daughter is one of them).

Since I was around 4 years old I can remember going to the Convention Center downtown to see Tulsa’s minor league team battle it out with rivals from Oklahoma City, Wichita and other places. Back then, the safety nets weren’t in place and smoking in the building was allowed. That being the case, I have quite a collection of pucks hanging out in the attic. Several are dated from the 1982 season. As for the smoke, some people hate the smell, but pipe smoke reminds me of a good hockey game and brings back memories with my grandfather. He is the reason for my love of hockey since he both played and reffed…and I try to make it a point to attend hockey games in his honor after his passing several years ago.

So the tradition continues with my family. We’ll head to the BOK Center tonight courtesy Drysdales and their free ticket promotion. Free is really nice for a hockey lover who can’t afford to buy the tickets like he used to…at least for this tough season. We’ll watch young guys battle it out on faceoffs. We’ll see breakaway scoring…and might even see the gloves come off. Our men will play with heart. They will show their toughness and display the desire to win. Our family will continue to do the same through our day to day game.

I know we aren’t the only ones in this situation. Stay tough. Fight through adversity. Show heart. God has your back no matter what. You can get through this and come out victoriously on the other side with stories of triumph to tell.


The Next Generation


This blog is a little difficult to write. We’ve been waiting hopefully for some good news out of a job interview that Amber and I had recently. It wasn’t your ordinary job. It was a job to become house parents…and this time around wasn’t our time to get the job.

Amber and I have evaluated out lives and how God has put specific circumstances in our lives, growing us to to some degree work with the next generation. We’ve led small group for college students in our home. We’ve worked with youth and children since before we were married at camps, in paid childcare, in volunteer childcare, etc. Amber has had ambitions to be a teacher and comes alive when reading books and teaching concepts to kids. I have spent years as a corporate trainer, often teaching how to be a good employee (along with how to do the job). I could go on and on. God has orchestrated our lives to benefit others which led us to the journey to put in our application for being house parents…to tend to the needs of up to 10 children and provide them love, security, and life skill training while showing them who Jesus is.

We spent time praying to God, asking Him to have a wide open door or a closed door. We asked lots of questions of people who do this kind of work. We researched. We dreamed. We even tried to talk ourselves out of it…and attempted to have our kids talk us out of it. After a 2 hour phone interview, we visited the home and interacted with several staff members over the course of 2 days. After evaluating, praying again, weighing out the pros and cons, and absolutely understanding that his job was going to be the hardest work we’d ever done, yet the most rewarding, we gave them a green light to continue the process. We felt the location, the staff, and the practices of the organization were a great fit for us…and then the email came. Crushing. Disappointment. Tears.

But even through the rejection, we realized something. God is at work even when things don’t turn out the way we hope. He has our best interest at heart. He knows the right timing. He knows the right place. He knows we have a passion to directly effect the next generation in some manner because He put that desire there.

We will continue to apply at different places to explore where God may lead us. We may even look into the same place again if an opportunity presents itself. This is only a snapshot of the full story but you get the idea.

If you gain nothing out of this post today, remember this…When it seems like God isn’t around..don’t worry. It’s just that He’s got your back. He loves and cares about you more than you think. Heck, he likes sparrows and all they do is poop all over everything and leave a mess…and if He loves a stinkin’ sparrow, think of how much more He loves you.

Random ADD

So things have been hopping here recently, and I looked up to realize…there hasn’t been a blog in nearly a month! So here we are back in the saddle.

I started to think, “What will I write today?” My brain said 463 different things, but not one of them connected correctly to the other. The mind of ADD at work.

If I were to attempt to describe what it is like, imagine a television communications control room full of flat screens. Each one of them on a different channel. All of them have the sound on and it is your responsibility to listen to one of them and retain the information. Sometimes it’s really crowded and loud. Other times, I can hyper focus on the one flat screen and gather everything and nothing else. Never a dull moment in my world. I can turn the radio off and entertain myself for ours because my brain…it doesn’t shut up.

And while I’m ranting, try adding being left-handed in a world dominated by righties. Don’t get me started…right-handed desks, finding a hockey stick, baseball glove, or golf clubs, spiral notebooks, and eating next to a righty…the list goes on.

But you know what? Even with these things that make life interesting, God still has my back…and He has yours to. No matter what life throws at you.