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I’ve always wanted to ride in a bobsled. 90 mph with a primitive braking system? Oh yeah. Then there is the skeleton. Suicide on a sled. Might give that a try. Go ahead and call the ambulance for me though. The last time I rode a sled on ice, I found out how secure the fence was in the ground.

The few weeks the Olympics are playing really do a lot, at least briefly, to unite our country and slow us down a bit. I think it is cool when we get to share the emotion and pride as the national anthem plays and medals are received. We are at the midpoint and it looks like our team will return with lots of accomplishments…personal bests…and no regrets.

On the home front our family has not been in any Olympic competition, but we certainly have been in a marathon of sorts. With one visit left we feel we are extremely close to confirming a decision as to where we will get the honor to serve kids in a houseparent capacity. This probability is hitting home as we mentally prepare for the tasks we must get done before any such move occurs. We will have no regrets and look forward to marking our progress and future adventures on this blog.

If you’re following along, please let us know. This medium will likely be the best source of “What’s going on with the Oswald’s?” that is available. Save the link. Follow the blog. And most of all, continue to pray for favor in our meetings and for clarity of direction in our decisions, especially in the next few weeks.

One last thing, where can I find a bobsled? I feel the need for speed.


I have a desk job. I work in finance. I’ve spent a long time to some degree in telecom. The pathway on how I arrived here is a long story…How in the world can a known creative individual end up crunching numbers and reading legal documents and survive? That’s a post for another time and another place.

Places. I like places. I enjoy going back to places I’ve been hundreds of times before. Hockey games. Silver Dollar City and the Branson area. My backyard with our dogs Oreo and Rockstar. Sitting in my green rocker/recliner.

I also like new adventures. Exploring new avenues. Turning an ordinary Knex toy wheel into an exciting game. Asking questions that may have never been asked. Taking ideas that have been around for a long time and spinning new fresh ways to teach or train them. Eating at a new restaurant. Traveling. Writing a blog. Riding in a fighter jet. Skydiving. (Okay, the last two I have not done but would LOVE to do it.)

Adventure. That is what I would call our family’s continuous pursuit of what we feel God has called us to do. To use our strengths to advance people in their journey.

Journey…not to the center of the earth, but to the heart of America. It’s youth. We have made a decision to actively look for a position serving children. We have spent countless hours researching, filling out applications, interviewing via Skype and phone, and even traveling to different places to visit. And that journey and adventure continues.

In the past month, we put out somewhere between 6-8 applications. 3 of them we have interviewed with from a distance and they have invited us to come check out their facilities. We came back from one a little over a week ago and have the other two scheduled over the next 2 weeks or so. The pursuit of serving children seems to have light at the end of the tunnel.

This is why I am fidgety. This is why sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day is driving me crazy. I can taste the mere possibility that we may be close to more adventures with our kids…and most importantly, we can pour into the future of our nation and help them know God and live life to it’s fullest potential.

We don’t know yet where the journey will take us. What we do know is that we need your support more than ever. Pray that we will find the right place at the right time where our God given talent can be used to it’s max. Pray for favor in our spiritual, physical, and financial health. Pray for the kids put in our care that we will have the great opportunity to grow and encourage.

And finally, pray that I can survive the office. Somehow I tend to find my way to the boss’ office when I can’t sit still. Not because I’m not doing my job, but because I bob my head to the music in my headphones while I work…or I doodle in meetings. But that is a story for another time.

Hockey in T-Town

Times have been tough around our household. We’ve had a few medical challenges that we’ve faced, along with the continuous struggle to makes sure finances are handled. Through it all, God has provided for the need and always gives us the energy to fight on through adversity. He’s always got our back and we are very thankful that He is more than enough.

Speaking of fights, our family (especially me) are hockey fans…(What a segway right?)…For me, it’s about being tough, showing heart, and battling through adversity to accomplish the goal…to win. For others, they just want the gloves to come off (my daughter is one of them).

Since I was around 4 years old I can remember going to the Convention Center downtown to see Tulsa’s minor league team battle it out with rivals from Oklahoma City, Wichita and other places. Back then, the safety nets weren’t in place and smoking in the building was allowed. That being the case, I have quite a collection of pucks hanging out in the attic. Several are dated from the 1982 season. As for the smoke, some people hate the smell, but pipe smoke reminds me of a good hockey game and brings back memories with my grandfather. He is the reason for my love of hockey since he both played and reffed…and I try to make it a point to attend hockey games in his honor after his passing several years ago.

So the tradition continues with my family. We’ll head to the BOK Center tonight courtesy Drysdales and their free ticket promotion. Free is really nice for a hockey lover who can’t afford to buy the tickets like he used to…at least for this tough season. We’ll watch young guys battle it out on faceoffs. We’ll see breakaway scoring…and might even see the gloves come off. Our men will play with heart. They will show their toughness and display the desire to win. Our family will continue to do the same through our day to day game.

I know we aren’t the only ones in this situation. Stay tough. Fight through adversity. Show heart. God has your back no matter what. You can get through this and come out victoriously on the other side with stories of triumph to tell.


Random ADD

So things have been hopping here recently, and I looked up to realize…there hasn’t been a blog in nearly a month! So here we are back in the saddle.

I started to think, “What will I write today?” My brain said 463 different things, but not one of them connected correctly to the other. The mind of ADD at work.

If I were to attempt to describe what it is like, imagine a television communications control room full of flat screens. Each one of them on a different channel. All of them have the sound on and it is your responsibility to listen to one of them and retain the information. Sometimes it’s really crowded and loud. Other times, I can hyper focus on the one flat screen and gather everything and nothing else. Never a dull moment in my world. I can turn the radio off and entertain myself for ours because my brain…it doesn’t shut up.

And while I’m ranting, try adding being left-handed in a world dominated by righties. Don’t get me started…right-handed desks, finding a hockey stick, baseball glove, or golf clubs, spiral notebooks, and eating next to a righty…the list goes on.

But you know what? Even with these things that make life interesting, God still has my back…and He has yours to. No matter what life throws at you.

Flat Stanley

Creativity and imagination…that’s the way Michael rolls in his awake hours.  With a lot of questions sent his way, you can guarantee answers that are thought through the lens of a land of fantasy.  Everything is fair game.  It has been very cool to watch his reasoning skills develop over the past few years…Asking him questions is mandatory to watch the wheels spin.  Half of the time you get the concentrate face and a thought out answer.  The rest of the time, you get a quick bit of concentration followed by a smirk and the most interesting answers.

As a second grader, his class was asked to send little paper dudes by the name of Flat Stanley in the mail to someone outside the home to friends/family.  The friends/family was to help Stanley go on “adventures”.  Here soon, Stanley will be coming back home and we’ll get to go over his adventures.  One was sent to Texas to an uncle and aunt and the other was sent to Florida with his uncle.  Enter the latest of Michael’s musings.

mikeToday, there were no questions asked…it was just an observation that he had that made my heart smile.

We made it home as usual from attending and serving at our local church.  Amber was busy prepping lunch and Michael and I decided to turn on the television.  It’s a great time of year for actually getting to see some hockey, and we were thankful to find some playoff action between Pittsburg and New York.  Michael, being the observant kid he is, noticed the labeling on the ice.  It said “Stanley Cup Playoffs”.  He turned to me with an excited yet inquisitive look and asked “Dad.  Do you think Uncle Zac went there?”  At first, I didn’t understand what he was asking.  Obviously, if Uncle Zac is in Florida, he hadn’t traveled to New York or Pittsburg that I knew of.  Then, Mike explained himself.  “Maybe Flat Stanley went to a hockey game!”

I love his optimism and his questioning and reasoning skills…and he always finds a way to make folks around him smile.