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So hopefully you have been following the adventures of a great friend of mine, Brian Hunter, as he travels by foot across the entire country of Mongolia. Well, I have a great update that came recently from his wife, Lissa.

“7 running days left!! 240 miles to go…the finish line is almost in sight! Brian is amazing…not a single injury…3 blisters, that’s it! He’s doing 33 miles a day and finishing faster and faster every day. God’s provision is incredible! Frost covered our tent this morning. My coffee from the night before was frozen in my cup at breakfast! Snow forecasted for the next couple of days! Thank you for your prayers!! Please pray us to the finish line and back home! Thank you!”

That’s right, folks. Of the 1500 mile journey, only a fraction remains. This guy is tough as nails, and if I know him well enough, he will probably want to push the last few days further than he has the last several weeks. I have never heard him back away from a physical challenge. The creator of the universe is by his side. He will prevail in this expedition!

Join with me at strongtothefinish.com and acrossmongolia.com and cheer him on. While you’re there, consider contributing to the cause he is running for. Chant with me now….STRONG TO THE FINISH! STRONG TO THE FINISH! STRONG TO THE FINISH!!!!


Dangerous Terrain

I was invited to assist on a feature film a while back that involved carrying audio equipment on a nature trail that led up to a bluff. My feet are pretty steady when the ground gets uneven or a little climbing is needed. However, with the equipment in hand, it made the half mile walk to our scene a little more of a challenge. We arrived at our spot, and I stood on the hillside, limestone everywhere, and quickly surveyed the area for a good place to set up. Suddenly, without warning, I found myself laying on my back on the hill. The rocks had slipped underneath my feet. Good news!…only a few scratches and the equipment was just fine.

Fast forward to today.

At the time, the rocks were for real. Little did I know that in the month that followed, life would turn into an opportunity to virtually navigate some tough terrain. I can’t reveal all of the information, but rest assured, things have been very adventurous in our household over the past month or so.

Some important decisons will likely be made for our family in the coming days, weeks, and months. These decisions will impact life locally, nationally, and likely the world. More specifically, we will get the opportunity to directly effect the course of the next generation. We don’t know what that looks like yet, or where it will be…and the terrain will not be smooth. It will likely have steep cliffs and slippery slopes. But God has us on this journey. He will guide our footsteps and guide us in the proper direction.

If you don’t mind, please say a prayer for us as we continue to embark on this journey.