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Oreo: A Tribute

We’ve had a rough few weeks with our dogs…a REALLY rough few weeks. I chronicled recently the saga of Rockstar, our mighty mutt saved from the animal shelter, who decided to go on a journey. Thankfully, he was brought home safely…which brings us to the older dog. My dog, Oreo.

Oreo was a birthday gift a little over 8 years ago. She was super smart and always full of energy. A full blood blue heeler, she was always working on some sort of job to make sure that our family was either entertained or safe. Every time I entered the yard, two things were on her mind…”I must clear the yard of any birds!” and “Where is the tennis ball? It’s time to play!” Without a doubt, there were no birds allowed to perch on any of our trees…and without fail, the tennis ball would be found and it would always find its way directly on my foot. Fetch is one thing…but this dog lived every day looking forward to it. She would play ball as long as you were willing to throw the ball. And I don’t mean 30 minutes either. I spent one entire day painting the house in the backyard a few years back. She brought the ball back to the ladder over and over. She patiently waited for me to come down and methodically pick up and put down the ball at my feet. I threw it for her every time and knew she would be waiting when I came back down for more paint.

She was also a lover of water. During the heat of the summer she would jump playfully in the pool we put in the shade next to the dog house. But that wasn’t her favorite part of water. She liked moving water! Anytime the hose was out or the sprinkler was on, she was in the middle of it. Crazy dog.

That energetic dog has never skipped a beat until it got really cold around January. She slowed way down and acted as though she had developed arthritis. She still played. She still chased birds. But it was a lot slower and more careful. We could tell she was in some sort of pain, but didn’t really know what was going on. She ate well. She drank well. We even checked on her droppings to make sure that was okay.

Then came this past Saturday. I went out to feed them as usual and the normal greeting and bird scattering did not happen. Rockstar greeted me. Oreo didn’t. It was cold and rainy so I checked her dog house. There she was laying quietly in the back. She was in pain. Again, I thought it was maybe arthritis so I let her hang there. We went out around town and took care of some business. When we returned late afternoon, I went to check on her. Still in the dog house. She hadn’t eaten. I called my mom, who I am thankful for with her experience and wisdom. We decided it was a good idea to see if I could get her out of the dog house and help her eat and drink.

I hung up the phone, put on my coat and went outside. She hadn’t moved at all from the same position all day long. Something was definitely wrong. A dog so full of life doesn’t do that. I carefully reached in to move her. She didn’t help me. Her breathing was labored…and then I smelled it. The end was very near. She tried to get up to greet me, but couldn’t. I knew these would be the last few moments with my beloved dog.

Within minutes, it was over. My Oreo had moved on from this life.

I will remember all of the great times we spent together. The thousands of tennis ball throws I tossed. The many splashes in the hose and in the sprinkler. I will mostly remember her loyal bark and her loyal companionship. She was always there for me when I was sad, happy, or glad. She was a great dog. May she rest in peace.


I have a desk job. I work in finance. I’ve spent a long time to some degree in telecom. The pathway on how I arrived here is a long story…How in the world can a known creative individual end up crunching numbers and reading legal documents and survive? That’s a post for another time and another place.

Places. I like places. I enjoy going back to places I’ve been hundreds of times before. Hockey games. Silver Dollar City and the Branson area. My backyard with our dogs Oreo and Rockstar. Sitting in my green rocker/recliner.

I also like new adventures. Exploring new avenues. Turning an ordinary Knex toy wheel into an exciting game. Asking questions that may have never been asked. Taking ideas that have been around for a long time and spinning new fresh ways to teach or train them. Eating at a new restaurant. Traveling. Writing a blog. Riding in a fighter jet. Skydiving. (Okay, the last two I have not done but would LOVE to do it.)

Adventure. That is what I would call our family’s continuous pursuit of what we feel God has called us to do. To use our strengths to advance people in their journey.

Journey…not to the center of the earth, but to the heart of America. It’s youth. We have made a decision to actively look for a position serving children. We have spent countless hours researching, filling out applications, interviewing via Skype and phone, and even traveling to different places to visit. And that journey and adventure continues.

In the past month, we put out somewhere between 6-8 applications. 3 of them we have interviewed with from a distance and they have invited us to come check out their facilities. We came back from one a little over a week ago and have the other two scheduled over the next 2 weeks or so. The pursuit of serving children seems to have light at the end of the tunnel.

This is why I am fidgety. This is why sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day is driving me crazy. I can taste the mere possibility that we may be close to more adventures with our kids…and most importantly, we can pour into the future of our nation and help them know God and live life to it’s fullest potential.

We don’t know yet where the journey will take us. What we do know is that we need your support more than ever. Pray that we will find the right place at the right time where our God given talent can be used to it’s max. Pray for favor in our spiritual, physical, and financial health. Pray for the kids put in our care that we will have the great opportunity to grow and encourage.

And finally, pray that I can survive the office. Somehow I tend to find my way to the boss’ office when I can’t sit still. Not because I’m not doing my job, but because I bob my head to the music in my headphones while I work…or I doodle in meetings. But that is a story for another time.