I am the world’s worst and the world’s greatest at paying attention. I can totally be in the conversation or be thinking about how many goals the Red Wings are going to score in tonight’s game. I’ve never really had that be a problem, because when it comes to helping people or looking for a solution to a situation, I’ve always got your back and will stick by you until the issue has an answer to work from.

At the same time, I’m good at posting…or not so good. Recently, I’ve not been so good. So I’ll try to recap a few highlights of the Ozzie happenings.

Photography has picked up a little, helping a few families capture their memories. The extra income is a blessing, especially this time of year. Thanksgiving was a hoot. Sometimes I wonder where Mike (our son) puts all of that food. Naturally, he also provided his normal comic relief which keeps us on our toes. A few part-time jobs have been added to lighten the load of bills piling up. Amber has been blowing up the kitchen with incredible tastiness. I’m more than happy to do the dishes because that means she can have them back to put more delicious food in them. Michele (our daughter) just performed in her Christmas recital and did an outstanding job with “Mary Did You Know?”. Her pipes are coming along nicely. Okay, that about does that….

How about the future? Well, we may or may not get wintry weather this weekend…we’re used to not really knowing until it happens. So that will be and adventure. If you’re following our adventure into becoming houseparents, well…we are saving up for an interview trip to SC that we have been invited to. Dontations are gladly accepted, by the way. We also just prepared 4 more envelopes with applications to places OK, TX, AR, and TN which will bring our total sent out to about 25 apps in 17 states (I think). Please keep us in your prayers as we continue this adventure. We really want to use the skills God has given us to help kids on their journey and to come to know Christ.

With that, I’m out of juice. Just a word of advise for the next week or so…..

Stay away from Santas who smell like beef and cheese, don’t shoot your eye out, watch the Polar Express as many times as you can, and sing loud for all to hear…