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Finish Line…Dead Ahead

Running. One foot in front of the other. Sounds easy, right? I’ve done it many times, usually only a few miles at a time. I might have done 10 once or twice…and maybe sometime I’ll give a half-marathon or even a marathon a go…which brings me to exciting news for the day!

If you have followed for any decent stretch, you’ll know that a great friend of mine has been traveling on foot for nearly 8 weeks now, running over a marathon a day nearly the entire time! Mr. Brian Hunter as of his last update was within around 2-3 days from running across the entire country of Mongolia. That’s 1500 miles. He has endured brutal conditions including heavy rain (of liquid and freezing variety), sleet, snow, mountains, hills, dogs…and the Eastern border is in sight!

What’s the purpose of enduring all of this? To raise awareness for the orphaned in the country. How cool is that? He is an inspiration to many and will be completing his physical journey very soon. Here is the deal. The reason for the journey is far from over. The expedition needs your support for two important things.

Support the children of Mongolia…Brian and his family endured some tough conditions. However, the kids live in conditions far worse than they have. They eat scraps and survive in the sewers of the city just to stay alive in the extreme cold and the extreme poverty. Supporting strongtothefinish.com will help them continue to contribute to these kids on a continual basis.

Support strongtothefinish.com and their film effort…Brian has had a film crew following his adventures. The hope is that a documentary will be made to continue the expedition of helping the children of Mongolia. Go to their website. Explore it. Engage in supporting it. Spread the word!


What the May?

snowThe weather sure has been strange lately.  I knew that maybe a few records would potentially fall during my lifetime, but I think just about all of them have been taken care of at this point.  All the heat records for our area have been reset or have been really close to being reset.  We’ve endured a blizzard along with record snow totals and even had a place north of here hit a record low.  I even had my couch rumble beneath me a few years ago when an earthquake rolled over the land.  Crazy.

Now, I’m used to May being a rough month with the heat beginning it’s build up process to lead into the summer months..and I’m used to freak thunderstorms that toss down hail, wind, and twisters….but snow?  Hold the phone and back up the track a bit…Okie don’t play that!  If I want me some snow, I’ll move to Canada or go to the top of a mountain in Colorado (which we’ve done…and were soooo not prepared).

For the record, I love snow and it would be some kind of cool to see it happen tonight or tomorrow…but it’s just weird to think about.  Every time I put away the cold weather gear, the weatherman says “Get it back out”…I hate going up and down the attic stairs.  So listen here weather!  Make up your mind!