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We live and work on the outer edge of the Ozarks, miles away from the nearest city, in the hills of Cookson…and I am super proud of that compound sentence.  Being in the sticks we encounter all kinds of wildlife that keep us on our toes.  Weird bugs and spiders, colorful birds, deer, groundhogs, coons, frogs, and the occasional snake.  As a matter of fact, I rode a snake yesterday!…No.  Seriously.  I did.

The horse named Snake.  If I understand correctly, the name comes from the curved marking on his forehead.  He’s a young guy here on campus, one of several horses used for equine therapy and recreation.  He was my training buddy during a morning session where several riders were learning how to pivot a horse.  He was learning while I was learning so it took us time and patience to get the hang of it, but eventually, we got it.



So updating more often would be a better idea because so much happens around here. We’ll do our best to give a few highlights of the past month.

When we last wrote, we had gained our first family member, Kilee. Since then we have grown considerably…3 additions to be exact, doubling our family of 4 to a family of 8. Please join me in welcoming T’Era, Landan, and Caitlyn to the family! T’Era and Caitlyn are the teenagers of the house with Landan in elementary. Just to paint the picture, that is two teens and four 10 and under (with room for more youngers). Never a dull moment.

Summers are different here since we operate as a year- round school. School ended at the beginning of June with graduation of our Seniors and ended the middle of last week. We have enjoyed horsemanship classes, crafting, swimming, caving, trips to the river, softball, volleyball, a large waterfall at a local state park, and a trip into Tulsa. We are sad that summer is over but excited for the school year being under way…that means some short and needed breaks for us parents!

One final thought of great importance. Nearly a decade ago we added a member to our family. He completed our bio-family and has brought years of smiles and a book full of insightful commentary. We have enjoyed attempts at baseball and soccer, and enjoyed monster truck events. He’s a compassionate giver, and a selfless friend to those around him. As a dad he makes me proud and I love him very much! If you don’t already know who I’m talking about, please help me say happy birthday to the grandest son in all the land…Michael.

With that I will bid you farewell, until the next adventure.

Super Moon Softball Slam

This past weekend we experienced the super moon for the year, where the summertime solstice matches up with a new moon and it appears a bit larger. Not only did it mark the beginning of summer, but it kicked off the start of summer softball.

With rain dooming last weeks start of the season, we were rescheduled this week ON TOP of normal scheduled games. That meant practice Sunday, double-header Monday…and then what is yet to come….practice Wednesday and another double-header Thursday.

Last nights games were a bit sluggish, with the young ladies likely overdoing their summertime fun and then expected to perform in the evening heat. It was a long night with a game at 6, a break in between and then another at 9. Yes, you heard that right. 9 PM start time.


The moon rose as we entered the 2nd inning of the second game. It was an orange hue with the hilly gradient of the shape of a ‘C’ showing off loud and proud. Being that I experience a bit of ADD, I began to sing Cookie Monster’s song “C is for Cookie” in my head. I was hungry.

“Coach! Your turn to pitch!” Our pitcher had “walked” an opponent and I was called away from my moon dream to toss the remaining strikes to the batter.

The evening ended with one win and one unfortunate loss. We climbed into our vehicles with the glowing moon overhead to lead the way and the clock moving towards midnight. Midnight. What word goes with midnight…snack. I’m hungry.

Spontanious Itch

The summer has been packed with activities since the school year closed and the freedom season began.  We took a trip to Miami to see my bother graduate college which included up-close encounters with wild beasts, paddle boarding, and a few first time flyers.  Outside of major adventures, the kids spend most every day outdoors enjoying the company of the many neighborhood kids.  Quite often, our front lawn is filled with a baseball team full of imaginative and creative fun-sized individuals who always welcome the random spray of the hose.  As far as I know, our area of the city is fairly safe from a lot of hazards and we keep a close eye on all the kids.  As a matter of fact, Amber has taken the role of neighborhood nurse.  At last count, we ran out of bandages so we’ll be restocking soon.

Last week, turned out to be the most adventurous non-planned week of the summer.  Mike came home with a few pockets of red bumps on his arms and legs.  We treated them with some itch cream and monitored it.  To our surprise the next day…the spots had spread…Time to go to the doctor.  We went through the typical waiting room routine, watching the clock tick past the predetermined time to be seen.  Within a few minutes, we had the verdict….poison ivy.

After some questioning, we found that Mike’s buddy down the road had a rash as well.  Somewhere in the confines of our neighborhood clan there was a patch of poisonous green that needed dealt with.  Unfortunately, we haven’t found out where it is yet.

A few pills and some essential oils later, the kid is back to normal.  Thankfully, he was cleared to go to church camp by the doctor.  Which leads us to the next adventure I’ll write about….tomorrow.