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If you’ve been a regular at this blog, you’ll know I’ve followed two great organizations from time to time and given you some brief updates.

I’m pleased to report that the Across Mongolia Expedition successfully completed running 1500 miles across the country of Mongolia last month. They were able to generously help an orphanage and take time to feed hundreds of children along the way. They are currently working on the creation of a documentary about the journey to inspire others to live their lives strong to the finish. To check out an update, visit strongtothefinish.com.

The Pearl House launched it’s adventure of rescuing girls off of the streets of Ghana a few months back. Looking at their blogs, it appears like they have grown leaps and bounds to about 20 girls which have now started school. Many of them had a hard time with English at first, but the skills are coming along nicely. Recently, they got to meet one of the founders of the organization. I won’t spoil it, but even I had a tear or two reading about the encouter. Check out their updates here, at thepearlhouse.org.


As you know, we have made you aware of a few global events going on. Both are related, since their goal is to change the course of the next generation in the countries of Ghana and Mongolia…and I’m pleased to say…there has been great progress in both camps!

Let’s take a quick look:

The normal life-cycle for ladies in Ghana is awful, working the streets just to survive…and then birthing children only to see the cycle begin all over again. But not anymore! The Pearl House officially opened its doors to girls! 21 to be exact! None of them have ever slept in a bed. They are getting great education. They have clean clothes. They have 3 balanced meals a day. And best of all have house moms to provide emotional support. To learn more about what is going on and how you can help, check out their webpage at www.thepearlhouse.org.


On the continent of Asia, another battle is being won one step at a time. The benefactors are the orphans of Mongolia. The Across Mongolia Expedition is continuing as we speak. To date, Brian Hunter has run 677 of 1500 miles. It has been extremely rainy and cold over the past week, but the family and Brian are strong. Of course, that’s the way they roll…Strong to the Finish. To track Brian’s progress and to see how you can help, venture on over to www.acrossmongolia.com.


summerThe local gas station has marked their drinks down to under a buck.  Corn dogs are 50 cents.  And I had to pull the blanket up last night because I was freezing!  Nevertheless, with wacky weather and all…IT    IS   HERE…Summer.

Recently, we got back from celebrating my brother’s graduation from college with a Masters in music as well as his law degree from the University of Miami.  He decided to make certain the fun didn’t stop there when this past week he proposed to his long time girlfriend.  She was already a big part of our family.  Now, we can make it official.  Heck, our daughter Michele put a stamp of approval for Melissa a looong time ago.  Now she’ll get her aunt and I’ll have a great sister-in-law.

On the organizational front, the two great causes we have been supporting are well on their way to making a difference in kids lives this summer.  The Pearl House recently posted that they would be sending their first person, Courtney, to live on site last week.  I’m anxious to here their first stories of rescue in the coming weeks and months!

From the Across Mongolia team, I read a post stating that the tickets to and from the country have been purchased.  Brian Hunter has been preparing his spirit, soul, and body for the task set before him.  Last week alone he burned through 70 miles of training.  That’s a total of almost 3 marathons in one week!  But that is nothing compared to the challenge he is set to accomplish this summer.  He’ll be averaging a marathon A DAY beginning in July.  Doing the math, with the 1500 mile track he’ll be enduring,  it comes to just over 57 marathons!  Can any of you put that on your resume?  This dude is a beast and the orphans in Mongolia will benefit greatly from this effort.

Whew!  That is a lot of adventuring!  In closing this post out, I have a challenge for you.  Live dangerously.  Take chances.  Don’t live a life of regret.  Take this summer as an opportunity to make a difference in the world around you locally and globally.  Go buy some drinks for the construction workers down the block.  Finish writing the book (or start one).  Contribute to a cause, either one of the two above or another one.  Remember, there are fellow Oklahomans that could use a hand after the storms.  GO.  LIVE.  ADVENTURE.

attentionWow! A few major projects are definitely taking shape that I am extremely excited about!  Both of them have world changing developments that will impact the trajectory of lots of people!

The first is The Pearl House.  I read recently that they have sent another team over to Ghana that will be making final preparations for the 1st home for girls to be open!  They are soooo close to start rescuing girls off of the streets!  As a matter of fact, their first in country team member will be leaving in about a week to get this party started!  Lots of preparation has happened to get to this point.  Won’t you pray with me right now for the first set of girls that will be in the Pearl House in the next few months?

The second is the Across Mongolia team.  Brian Hunter has been preparing his body with lots of running and endurance training.  It takes a lot of dedication and commitment to get ready for this adventure.  The team leaves in like less than a month if my calculations are correct!  They’ve been selling necklaces and country farm tables recently where the proceeds will go to the cause.  At the same time, they are definitely still looking for individuals to sponsor a mile or partner with them for kids to have warm housing.  Won’t you pray with me right now for the children of Mongolia and for the hope and love that is coming there way?

Both of these organizations are totally rocking it right now.  Children across the globe are about to be blessed abundantly…and it’s because of great people like you contributing to their cause.  Run on over to each of their websites today and see what’s going on.  Make a commitment to improve the lives of children today.

beforecolorWe did it….just over 3 miles of walking/jogging as participants of one of the biggest 5k events in the nation…The Color Run.  We arrived early, hoping to ensure we could get a good starting block and to warm up a bit.  But the warmup wasn’t stretching or light jogging like a normal 5k.  It was a full-on Zumba party.

Michele lasted a bit longer than I did as we fumbled through the many upbeat dance styles of the world.  The time passed quickly and finally it was time to make our way to the start gate.

Let me just say that the folks who put on this event know how to keep you engaged, to keep you partying, to keep you happy.  Normally, you stand around the start gate and wait for the gun.  But here, you toss around beach balls, dance to music, and maybe catch a few freebies falling from the sky…or an occasional early release of color.

The race went well.  We found a few great friends to enjoy the journey with.  To top it all off, we jumped in on a few rounds of the festival where the true color wars begin.  If you’ve seen photos of the event, they do a good job of capturing stills of the action…but do me a favor…at least go to one to experience a color storm first hand.  You won’t be disappointed.

colorrunThis leads me to the final thought.  Why we did it.  Did we do it for fun?  Sure.  Did we do it for fitness?  Sure.  But most importantly, we wanted two great organizations to get a nod…to get a few more people involved in the activity of helping others around the world.  Have you journeyed over to Across Mongolia or The Pearl House?  Have you prayed for them?  Have you contributed toward the need of these orphans?  Hop on board.  Act to help a need instead of just standing by as a spectator.  Be the change you want to see in the world.   You won’t be disappointed.

4 days.  Well actually, 3.5.  What are we cocolorunting down?  The Color Run.  Thankfully, this is a fun race and not a timed race.  Training has been difficult for Michele and I over the past month or so.  We’ve squeezed in time between softball practice and strained tendons.  Even through business and adversity, we will be ready!

As you may have read over the past several weeks, we are doing this race (and many other future adventures) for more than just health reasons.  We are purposely trying to raise awareness for a few awesome organizations where we have friends involved.  Most importantly, we want to help send hope and love through prayer and contributions to orphans in Ghana and Mongolia.

Take a moment to go check out Across Mongolia and The Pearl House right now.  See what they are doing.  Make a commitment to pray for the children they are representing.  Sponsor a mile that will buy coats and vitamins.  Pay for a bed for an orphaned girl.  Make a difference in our world today.

We pray you’ve had a chance to check out Across Mongolia and The Pearl House and take time to contribute to the orphans of Mongolia and Ghana.  If you haven’t, please consider it.

Michael loves holidays…If you know him well enough, you are familiar with his loving, energetic, and entertaining personality…especially when something is exciting.  Very rarely is there a dull moment around our house.  EVERYTHING is an adventure.  “Dad!  I found a big stick!  How old do you think it is?  Do you think a dinosaur chomped it into pieces?”  We know he’s excited about things when he endlessly chatters and creates scenerios.

The last few days have been no different.  Obviously, he has been preparing himself for how he would hunt Easter eggs…how many, what color, and what will be inside…and of course, retelling of the Resurrection as only a seven year old can.

But there is another holiday that it seems he enjoys as much as Christmas and Easter…April Fool’s Day.

He’s a jokester at heart and wants nothing more than to see everybody in the room with a smile on their face…and he’ll keep trying until it happens.  We heard plots of fooling the dog, his sister, and even a plan to trick the teacher.  We’ll see how today’s adventure turns out.

Pearl House

The preparation continues for the Color Run with several different activities to burn calories…from jogging, to softball drills, to dancing in the living room to music.  Amber and Michael won’t be in the race, but they have definitely been finding ways to be active.  I think I startled Amber doing the Harlem shake…or something like it, last night while her and Michele were goofing off.  🙂

Don’t forget to head over the Across Mongolia and see what you can do to help the orphans of that country.

Another great organization that we want to raise awareness for is The Pearl House.  In a similar situation as Mongolia, Ghana girls are left to fend for themselves on the streets.   Every day, girls arrive in the capital city of Accra due to trafficking, pursuit of a better life, and economic peril. Thousands of these girls pilgrimage to the city, willingly and unwillingly, hoping for a better life than was afforded them in their villages. However, when they arrive, their dreams do not await them; instead, their lives become a nightmare of primal survival on the streets.

This is where The Pearl Housepearl is stepping in to make a change for the better.

The Pearl House is on a mission to provide a refuge (home) for these girls and give them an opportunity for a better life through meeting physical needs, providing education, and giving them what they need…love and hope.

Currently, they are raising capital to get the very first house established.  At last I checked, they were well on their way to achieving that goal.  It is their desire to raise up a string of Pearl Houses all across the continent of Africa.  This is no small task.

So how can I help?  I’m glad you asked.

Volunteer – They need help with a number of tasks and are looking to network with people to accomplish their goals.  One of these is a major fundraiser in Tulsa, OK scheduled for November at the Renaissance Hotel.

Organize a Fundraiser – The Pearl House has several campaign opportunities available where you can host a luncheon or event…or choose a creative way to help raise funds for the organization.

Shop – Who doesn’t like to shop?  Well, I don’t but I would do it if the funds went to a great cause.  Check out the website for more info.

Generously Donate – The mission has several very pointed goals such as paying for a year’s rent of a house to get started immediately, furnishing the home, building a permanent residence, school books, teachers, and underwriting the Harvest event in November.

So, now it’s time for action.  Go check out The Pearl House now and plug in to changing the course of children’s life across the globe.