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summerThe local gas station has marked their drinks down to under a buck.  Corn dogs are 50 cents.  And I had to pull the blanket up last night because I was freezing!  Nevertheless, with wacky weather and all…IT    IS   HERE…Summer.

Recently, we got back from celebrating my brother’s graduation from college with a Masters in music as well as his law degree from the University of Miami.  He decided to make certain the fun didn’t stop there when this past week he proposed to his long time girlfriend.  She was already a big part of our family.  Now, we can make it official.  Heck, our daughter Michele put a stamp of approval for Melissa a looong time ago.  Now she’ll get her aunt and I’ll have a great sister-in-law.

On the organizational front, the two great causes we have been supporting are well on their way to making a difference in kids lives this summer.  The Pearl House recently posted that they would be sending their first person, Courtney, to live on site last week.  I’m anxious to here their first stories of rescue in the coming weeks and months!

From the Across Mongolia team, I read a post stating that the tickets to and from the country have been purchased.  Brian Hunter has been preparing his spirit, soul, and body for the task set before him.  Last week alone he burned through 70 miles of training.  That’s a total of almost 3 marathons in one week!  But that is nothing compared to the challenge he is set to accomplish this summer.  He’ll be averaging a marathon A DAY beginning in July.  Doing the math, with the 1500 mile track he’ll be enduring,  it comes to just over 57 marathons!  Can any of you put that on your resume?  This dude is a beast and the orphans in Mongolia will benefit greatly from this effort.

Whew!  That is a lot of adventuring!  In closing this post out, I have a challenge for you.  Live dangerously.  Take chances.  Don’t live a life of regret.  Take this summer as an opportunity to make a difference in the world around you locally and globally.  Go buy some drinks for the construction workers down the block.  Finish writing the book (or start one).  Contribute to a cause, either one of the two above or another one.  Remember, there are fellow Oklahomans that could use a hand after the storms.  GO.  LIVE.  ADVENTURE.


The Who’s Who

Miami, Florida.  Home of the defending champion Heat (who I wish would lose), the University of Miami, palm trees, and the famous views for CSI Miami….oh…and the location of our most recent adventure.  We returned yesterday evening after multiple activities that will indeed be maintained as memories for our family.  The kids experienced their first plane ride with all that comes with it…check-in, security points, and the safety presentation that I now will have re-memorized.

Also along the way, we spent time at Jungle Island coming face to face with dangerous flamingoes and as close as one could come to Ligers…and of course, we can’t forget the main reason for the trip in the first place…celebrating the graduation of my younger brother, Zac, who now has a masters in music as well as his law degree.  My ADD kept me from being quite that focused, especially with no photos in any of the books.  Way to keep you eye on the prize and accomplish the task at hand, bro!

Finally, the thrill for most of the participants this go ’round was the first visit to the ocean.  If my watch was correct, we jumped waves for like 3 hours.  Thankfully, Zac brought his paddle board and that added to the fun.

If anybody gets a chance to make their way on down to Miami, give me a shout.  We can send you to a few key places that you won’t wanna miss while you are there.